What Gear Should You Buy for Free Style Wrestling

If you are new to the sport of free style wrestling, then it is important to understand what gear is needed in order to keep you safe and protected during your matches. While realizing that every piece of free style wrestling gear is essential, this article will help to guide you into a better understanding of what gear is needed and why you need each piece of gear. And while there are many types of gear that can be bought for this type of wrestling, this article will list the most important pieces of gear that you will need during your free style wrestling competitions. They include: the wrestling singlets, headgear, head covering, wrestling shoes, blood rag, mouth guard and lace covers.

The Wrestling Singlets

Considered the official uniform within free style wrestling, the wrestling singlet is a one piece tight fitting garment that is usually made from nylon or lycra. It will typically cost between $30 – $80 and resembles a tank top with bicycle shorts.


The headgear is essential and important, particularly in youth free style wrestling. Protecting the head is important as to not get brain injuries like a concussion. It also protects the free style wrestler from any injuries to the ear location. The head gear can come in a softer material that is great for beginners or a hard plastic shell that is better for the more experienced free style wrestler. The hard plastic shell headgear can also be used internationally within competitions. The headgear comes at a cost between twenty to thirty dollars.

Head Covering

The head covering is needed for wrestlers that have longer hair. It keeps the wrestler safe from having the hair pulled from its roots or to keep the hair from getting in the way during a wrestling competition. While it is not required for international competition, it does offer safety and convenience for the wrestler.

Wrestling Shoes

The wrestling shoe is the most important piece of gear needed when stepping onto the mat. While some lower level youth competitions will allow gym shoes, the experienced competitor needs to have official wrestling shoes for competitions. The official wrestling shoe generally costs between thirty to one hundred thirty dollars.

Blood Rag

Although the name is something to think about, the blood rag is actually a handkerchief for the wrestler to keep beneath the wrestling singlet. It is used just in case the wrestler needs to clean up blood from the floor or anywhere on his body.

Mouth Guard

Used during free style wrestling, the mouth guard is used by the wrestler who has braces in particular, to prevent injuries to the mouth and for preventing cuts.

Lace Covers

Many of the newer models of wrestling shoes come with lace covers. There are some wrestlers who also use tape to keep the laces tied. Each wrestler is required to keep the lace straps on their wrestling shoes tied. The lace covers offer the convenience of keeping the laces tied together, so that the wrestler does not have to worry about them coming untied during a free style wrestling competition.

As a beginner, youth or international competitor in free style wrestling, understanding what gear is needed is very important. Other than the fact that it is required by the wrestling federation, the gear mentioned above will keep you safe and protected during your free style wresting matches.